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21 Feb 2024


SPM Instrument UK Limited Stand: 4-H52
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Airius Airius

Connectivity made easy With the Airius sensors, online condition monitoring is uncomplicated. The cloudbased application Condmaster.NET, providing easy access to measurement data through a user-friendly graphical interface, is a convenient starting point. When the time is right, level up with the sophisticated analysis and diagnostic software Condmaster Ruby. SPM Instrument AB | Tel: +46 152 22500 | info@spminstrument.se | www.spminstrument.com Industry-leading measurement technology Airius is a MEMS type sensor with digital output, measuring triaxial vibration and temperature. The sensor has envelope measurement capabilities and is available for the 10-1000 Hz or 2-5000 Hz measuring ranges. Airius supports several different vibration measurement assignments per sensor, with a user-defined number of time-based daily measurements. Effortless setup Airius runs on battery or external power supply and transfers measurement data via Wi-Fi or over cellular networks using secure LTE-M radio technology. The latter version is preconfigured, while the SPM Connect App, downloadable for mobile devices, is used to configure the necessary communication parameters for the Wi-Fi version to connect to the database. Easy integration and trouble-free use Practical and robust, the Airius sensors have a compact design and an efficient and energy-saving communication protocol. The careful design and optimal choice of battery technology ensure years of trouble-free use and stable monitoring. Using well-established Wi-Fi or cellular data transfer technologies, Airius is an easy-toimplement solution that works well within existing IT environments. Once installed and configured, the Airius sensors are managed and run alongside other SPM measurement systems. In smart factories, REST API support allows other devices or process control systems to retrieve vibration data from the sensor