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D platform

Mors Smitt UK Ltd Stand: 5-E51/ DAC

Demanding industrial applications such as power utilities and petrochemical industries. Designed for extreme reliability, within long endurance applications and harsh environments.

Plug-in industrial power relay with 4 change-over contacts. Standard equipped with a LED indicator and back EMF suppression diode (for DC voltages). Optionally magnetic arc blow-out, double make/double break contacts and increased contact gap for high breaking capacity and long contact life.

Proven reliable operation in switching high DC voltage / inductive loads and low currents. No external retaining clip needed as integrated ‘snap-lock’ will hold relay into socket under all circumstances and mounting directions. The construction of the relay and choice of materials makes the D-relay suitable to withstand corrosive atmospheres, low and high temperatures, shock & vibrating and dry to very humid environments.

Compact design, choice of many options and a wide range of sockets makes the D-relay an easy and flexible solution to use.

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