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Formlabs Form 4 3D Printer

Additive X Stand: 4-J61

Form 4’s speed is powered by Formlabs’ new advanced Low Force Display™ Print Engine—a combination of ultra-high-power LEDs, collimating lenses, optical filters, and a robust liquid crystal display. Together, they rapidly cure each resin layer, regardless of the part's size or quantity. With precise tolerances, parts printed in any Form 4 resin consistently match your design parameters every time.

With the versatile Formlabs materials catalogue Form 4 and its biocompatible counterpart, Form 4B, open doors to fresh avenues of innovation and production. Boasting up to four times faster print speeds compared to earlier Form Series printers and a 30% larger build volume, Form 4 marks a significant leap forward in resin 3D printing

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