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Industry 4.0 Mapping SDK

PlantQuest Stand: 4-J34

The PlantQuest Industry 4.0 Mapping SDK offers a comprehensive solution tailored for seamless integration into various technology stacks, focusing on the life sciences and industrial automation sectors. Developed by a team with extensive experience, this SDK enables developers to enhance code efficiency and organizations to revolutionize their operations. It is custom-built to support a wide array of Industry 4.0 use cases, such as visualizing site systems including CMMS, BMS, PTW, and Mobile Tracking, in collaboration with leading life science entities. Offering a developer-friendly environment, it includes access to a Developer Management Portal for API and license management, asset data, and system configuration, alongside a Prototype App for quick testing and a React component for flexible user interaction design. Recognized for its security, cost-effectiveness, scalability, and ability to provide an exceptional user experience with features like real-time asset rendering and maps capable of displaying over 5000 assets, the PlantQuest SDK stands as a preferred choice among the world's largest pharmaceutical companies.