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22 Apr 2024

IoT Review and Roadmap

Green Custard Ltd Stand: 4-N24

Fixed Price, Fixed Scope

Green Custard has developed a 2-part process to help you understand your digital readiness, map out your plans and quickly deliver a PoV against agreed outcomes, so you can get the most benefit in the shortest time.

  1. Value Proposition and Opportunities
    1. Introduction to Green Custard's IIoT Maturity Model
    2. In-person workshops and site visits to explore evolutionary and revolutionary IoT opportunities and value propositions
    3. Think Big: business growth, outcomes, revenue opportunities
  2. Bias to Action
    1. Review and prioritise opportunities and challenges
    2. Plan implementation and success criteria
    3. Deliver a written end-to-end data strategy for the identified PoV
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