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Koenig Series LK 600

Boneham Stand: 4-N82
  • Koenig Series LK 600
  • Koenig Series LK 600
Koenig Series LK 600 Koenig Series LK 600

Series LK pull-style expanders have short installation dimensions for direct installation into hydraulic bores. These expanders use the anchorage system for 100% mechanical sealing, withstanding pressures of up to 60 bar (850 psi).

The LK Series works on the pull/expand principle. The plug consists of an expandable sleeve around a mandrel type expanding element. By applying an axial force to the mandrel, while restraining the sleeve with a special tool, the sleeve is forced to radially expand and the serration on the outside of the sleeve anchors in the bore of the base material due to the roughness of the hole. Upon reaching a predetermined force, the mandrel brakes off and the plug is set.

One piece construction, ideal for automated high production requirements.

LK 600 pull-style expanders are available in diameters from 4mm – 10 mm. The stainless steel sleeves and mandrels are coated with special oil film lubrication for smooth installation with convenient processing tools.

Suitable for weight sensitive applications and installations at difficult orientations. Stainless steel material is corrosion resistant for applications that come into contact with external corrosives.