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LA11 Linear Absolute Magnetic Encoder

RLS Stand: 5-D146

LA11 is an absolute magnetic linear encoder system designed for motion control applications as a position and velocity control loop feedback element. The encoder system is highly reliable due to contactless absolute measuring principle, built-in safety algorithms and high quality materials/components used.

For applications which demand that the AS scale can be removed easily please consider TRS track system.


  • Resolutions up to 0.244 µm
  • Axis lengths up to 16.3 m
  • Speeds up to 7 m/s at 0.977 µm resolution 
  • Integral status LED
  • Synchronous (SSI, SPI, BiSS) communication protocols available 
  • Parallel incremental output (analogue or digital)
  • Double-shielded, drag-chain compatible cable


  • True absolute system
  • Suitable for highly dynamic control loops
  • Small footprint
  • High accuracy
  • Simple and fast installation
  • Robust measuring principle
  • Excellent degree of protection to IP68
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