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14 May 2024

Lime Asset Tracking Middleware

CODEGATE Stand: Made Smarter Innovation Showcase - 4-D80

Lime uses any blend of the latest ‘auto-id’ technologies (including barcodes, RFID, Bluetooth low energy, Ultra-wideband and GPS) to automatically deliver the right amount of information at the right price, leading to a positive return on investment. It can be used as a Cloud service or installed on-premises for total security. It is scalable to any number of assets in any number of locations, indoors or out.

Lime has companion mobile apps, Asset Inventory and Store Manager, to help manually locate assets in areas where it is not practical or cost effective to install fully automated readers. It helps to find missing assets quickly by directing users to the last seen location and then using a Geiger counter style finder to cover the final few metres.

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