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Temposonics GmbH & Co. KG Stand: 5-D70 / FPS

The rod-style sensor models from Temposonics are designed for direct stroke measurement inside prepared hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders. They feature high degrees of linearity, immunity to electromagnetic interference (EMI) and resistance to shock and vibration.

At the head of our sensors, a threaded flange and O-ring allow the device to be mounted and sealed into a port opening in the cylinder end cap. Alternatively, some sensor designs enable direct embedding of the complete sensor (including the supporting electronics) inside the cylinder. Here the sensor’s pressure-resistant rod fits into a bore that is drilled through the center of the piston head and rod assembly. The position magnet is mounted on the top of the piston head or installed in a shallow counter-bore within the piston head. Modular, environmentally friendly design The modular design of the R-Series V, R-, G- and GB-Series devices allows for easy replacement of the sensing element and electronics without breaking the cylinder‘s high pressure seal. This not only prevents leaks from the cylinder port, but also significantly reduces maintenance costs and downtime.

Temposonics® technology is mounted inside cylinders across a broad range of industry sectors – from steel rollers to wood plants, from food processing to renewable energy. We offer an extensive variety of features, dimensions and interfaces to match your exact specifications.