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Asset Mapping & Visualisation Platform

Plant Quest Stand: 4-J34
  • Asset Mapping & Visualisation Platform
  • Asset Mapping & Visualisation Platform
Asset Mapping & Visualisation Platform Asset Mapping & Visualisation Platform

The PlantQuest platform offers a holistic approach to digital transformation by enabling the creation of a 2D digital twin of facilities, thereby facilitating data-driven decision-making. It revolutionizes facility operations across various workflows by providing a visual and interactive representation of sites, akin to Google Maps, which empowers managers, teams, and contractors to access and analyze critical information.

Optimized for both greenfield and brownfield projects, PlantQuest integrates with existing systems, allowing users to overlay data, facility rules, and asset information on digital maps to enhance operational insights and efficiency.

PlantQuest's modular applications cater to specific requirements, offering features such as interactive maps for asset and alarm location, seamless system integration to leverage existing data, and a navigation engine tailored to facility-specific rules for efficient routing. It's designed to improve operational efficiency through real-time data responsiveness, facilitating quicker, safer, and more informed decisions. Additionally, PlantQuest supports emergency response, BIM optimization, and energy visualization, among other solutions, making it a versatile tool for facilities and maintenance management. By harnessing IoT and mobile tracking technology, it provides a comprehensive understanding of facility operations, enabling users to optimize processes and boost efficiency across the board.