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Phoenix Contact Ltd Stand: 5-D170
  • PSRmodular
  • PSRmodular
PSRmodular PSRmodular

PSRmodular is a configurable safety system that is easy to use and is compatible with the vast majority of safety applications.

PSRmodular builds on the success of the Phoenix Contact Trisafe platform and provides an even more flexible configurable safety system. It provides the possibility of remote safety I/O as well as safe analogue and motion monitoring up to SIL3 /PLe with many expansion options to suit most applications making your system compact and flexible for any future expansion requirements.

The PSRmodular system is quick and easy to install thanks to the PSR-TBUS connection and Push-In technology, with the option of bidirectional communication using the many diagnostic gateway options available. Using the most common protocols remote and local monitoring via HMI is possible.

The software is free to download from the Phoenix Contact UK website and offers fast project creation and validation using TÜV certified function blocks with worked examples available via the interactive help menu.

The range has also been added to with the XC range (Extreme Conditions)of controllers and I/O to further improve the options available.

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