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RotAlign Touch

Fluke Reliability Stand: 4-2F5

RotAlign Touch – Advanced Laser Alignment System

RotAlign Touch delivers unrivaled precision and easy-of-use with cutting edge technology from the old pros in laser alignment, Prüftechnik.

• Complete system: A single tool for standard alignments, advanced applications, and software analysis that provides maximum return on investment (ROI) for users

• User-friendly: Features an intuitive touchscreen interface with guided procedures, making complex alignment tasks more accessible to users of different skill levels (WiFi & Bluetooth connected)

• Advanced software & cloud connectivity: Comes with full suite of software options, including cloud data transfer and comprehensive analysis tools, allowing for detailed monitoring and alignment trend analysis.

• Machine train alignment: 14 machines

• Simultaneous coupling alignment: Enables real-time adjustments on up to six couplings simultaneously, enhancing efficiency and accuracy during complex alignments.

• In-situ cardan shaft alignment: Offers specialized features for cardan shaft alignment without the need for disassembly, saving time and reducing effort.

• Thermal growth monitoring: Includes capabilities to monitor and analyze thermal growth and pipe strain, allowing for more informed maintenance decisions.

• Vertical machine alignment: Features vertiSWEEP continuous measurement mode, specifically designed for precise vertical shaft alignment tasks.

• Adaptive alignment: Integrates Active Situational Intelligence to automatically adjust to various alignment challenges, ensuring optimal performance.

• Multi-coupling live trend: Allows for the monitoring of alignment changes over time across multiple couplings, providing valuable insights into machine behavior.

• Measurement modes: The system offers various measurement modes, including single-point, multi-point, and continuous sweep, to accommodate different alignment scenarios.

• Live Move: RotAlign offers Live Move functionality in both vertical and horizontal planes, enabling real-time adjustments and immediate feedback during the alignment process.

• Advanced diagnostics: Equipped with features like soft foot detection and correction, RotAlign helps identify and rectify common alignment issues, ensuring machinery operates at optimal efficiency.

• Integrated camera: RotAlign includes an integrated camera for documenting alignment conditions and surrounding area, useful for reporting and alignment verification.

• Robust hardware: Designed with IP65 industrial-grade materials, making it suitable for harsh working environments and ensuring durability and longevity.

• Intelligent reporting: Offers detailed report generation capabilities, providing clear and concise documentation of alignment processes, results, and recommendations for maintenance actions.

• Fluke Reliability extended warranty: Gain peace of mind, convenience, device accuracy, and savings on service costs via 2 – 5 year mfg. warranty, 3 free calibrations, and 15% discount on repairs.

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