Exhibitor Products

01 May 2024


PDM Analysis Stand: 5-H50 / Air-Tech

Rotor Profile Design

Importation and manipulation of rotor profiles from point coordinate files, scanning of the rotor geometry which can be obtained in SCORG by profile generation or extracted form CAD.

Geometry Analysis

Calculation and graphical representation of the working chamber volume, areas of the inlet, outlet and other ports and leakage areas between the working and neighbouring chambers.

3D Grid Generation

Calculation of the computational numerical grid of moving rotor domain and stationary inlet and outlet domains which are supplied to commercial CFD solvers for analysis.


Multi-Chamber Thermodynamics

Geometric analysis of flow features and preliminary performance analysis using multi-domain chamber model. Thermodynamic results can be used as initial conditions or boundary conditions for CFD, Structural Analysis by Finite Element Methods (FEM) or Fluid solid interaction (FSI)

CFD Performance Calculation

Allows accurate CFD performance prediction using commercial CFD codes such as Simerics MP+, ANSYS CFX, ANSYS FORTE, ANSYS FLUENT, STAR-CCM+ and open CFD codes such as OpenFOAM.


System Analysis

A GT-Suite system model can be used for design optimisation using a direct coupling with GT-Suite Thermodynamic Solver

All SCORG parameters can be passed to the optimisation algorithm for analysis

Optimised Rotor, Housing and Port CAD can be exported as STEP, IGES or STL.

CFD Analysis

Rotor and Port geometry can be optimised using the CFD Analysis. Fast CFD Grid generation can be used for improving and virtually testing various parameters of the Rotor design as well as Ports and operating conditions such as in oil injected compressors.