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Single Pair Ethernet Connectors

Phoenix Contact Ltd Stand: 5-D170
  • Single Pair Ethernet Connectors
  • Single Pair Ethernet Connectors
Single Pair Ethernet Connectors Single Pair Ethernet Connectors

Single pair Ethernet from the sensor to the cloud with connectors from Phoenix Contact.

Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) facilitates cost-effective and space-saving sensor connections by transmitting Ethernet through a single wire pair. This technology ensures consistent IP-based communication down to the field level and allows simultaneous power supply to end devices through Power over Data Line (PoDL).

The ONEPAIR series offers compact device and cable connectors, ideal for efficient data transmission in factory and process automation, as well as building cabling. 

For effective data transmission in factory and building automation systems, consider IP20 PCB connectors and patch cables conforming to IEC 63171-2 standards. The portfolio encompasses pre-assembled patch cables of varying lengths and compact device connections suitable for the reflow soldering process, available in diverse designs. The recently introduced connector with IDC displacement connection technology simplifies assembly without the requirement for special tools.

In the M8 design, aligned with IEC 63171-5, an IP-protected portfolio features pre-assembled patch cables of different types and lengths, catering to various applications and device connections. The SPE M8 bulkhead connector, a recent addition, facilitates the transition from IP-protected field cabling to secure control cabinet cabling.

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