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Stratasys F3300 3D Printer

Laser Lines Stand: 5-G90, 5-F94

The result is a new machine that has been re-thought from the ground up to produce FDM’s best ever results, with increased part strength, a higher throughput, improved machine reliability and better traceability. Thanks to the ability to have four loaded extruders at once, you can print parts in multiple colours and resolutions, while reducing swap times and increasing redundancy, with no changeover failures. These advances, together with the large 600 x 600 x 800mm build volume, makes the F3300 the ideal choice for production and high-end prototyping in the aerospace, automotive and defence industries, along with service bureaus.


Key features

  • Four extruders can be used to print model or support material, as well as multiple colours and resolutions.
  • Produces parts 2-3 times faster than a Stratasys F900, without sacrificing part quality.
  • Dual axis technology means that the extrusion heads and the Z-stage move independently in Z of each other.
  • Brand new, two-part extruders are twice as fast as previous generation extruders.
  • Two cameras monitor a part’s progress, while multiple sensors generate data on all the motors and process control features in the machine.
  • Supports the MTConnect standard to help you extract data from your machine, enabling you to assess and optimise its operation.
  • A 15.6-inch screen makes the machine easy to operate, while GrabCAD Print and Insight software are included to simplify, speed up and improve your builds.

Keeps printing, no matter what

Four extruders mean extra redundancy. If there is a blockage in a print head, the machine can automatically sense what is happening, park it, switch to another head and carry on printing, with no user intervention needed. You can also choose the type of material assigned to each head, so you could have one for a model material and three for support if your application requires it, or any other combination that works for your build.

Increased material spools

Four large spools of material can be loaded in the machine at once. Each newly designed spool holds 4100cc of material, allowing for much longer unattended printing than with other machines. Chips are mounted in a handle and tethered to the spool for increased convenience. Material driers keep the material temperature and moisture levels uniform, helping increase part quality yet further.