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Stratasys H350 3D Printer

Laser Lines Stand: 5-G90, 5-F94

Evidence has shown a need for pandemic-proof solutions in the supply chain, fulfilling production requirements for consistent and accurate parts with a competitive edge. With quality control at the centre of volume production, the H350 offers the ability to certify your production through an established control mechanism. With excellent detail and a smooth surface finish, high volume parts can be reproduced with continual accuracy. With the H350 you can track material use and log build data, enabling print settings to be adjusted and production to be certified.


Key Features

  • Unique thermal management with one pass print and fuse
  • Big Wave™ powder deposition and management.
  • High nesting densities as standard
  • Industrial standard piezoelectric print heads
  • Low refresh rate reduces material costs by re-using unfused powder.
  • A single fusing fluid means a simple and predictable cost per part.
  • Fine-tune print settings to your specification –all whilst using SAF technology to achieve accurate, functional parts consistently.
  • Select finishing processes and equipment to maximize production efficiency in your business
  • Accurate, production-grade parts with best-in-class consistency compared to other powder bed fusion technologies using print heads.
  • Built for high-volume, short-run production.

Exceptional value

The H350 offers more control over the cost of your operation.  The return on your investment will be evident through the availability of simple part cost estimation and with few consumables, easy upkeep and long-lasting industrial-grade print heads, the H350 printer has been designed to last. Fewer restrictions in part orientation mean high nesting density, which maximizes the number of parts per build. Additionally, the print heads are non-consumables and included as part of your service contract. Maintenance and labour requirements are low, so you can maximize production uptime while minimizing running costs.

Personalise the way you want to work

The H350 3D printer allows users to choose their build preparation software platforms to suit their business needs. With no mandatory cloud connection, no forced firmware updates and the ability to reuse previous print settings, you can have quality control of your production. Monitor progress of all printers in your fleet with GrabCad Print Server.