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29 Feb 2024


AddParts Stand: 4-D21
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The team behind AddParts have over 20 years in using 3D print technology to produce accurate, durable, high-value products, devices and components in sectors as diverse as medical devices, pharmaceuticals, consumer products, safety equipment and food production. Together with a dedicated ISO9001:2015 quality management system and facility in the heart of UK manufacturing, we have built a unique capability which provides AddParts customers with the full benefits of industrial 3D print technology.

We have invested in the 3D computer-aided design technology needed to make the most of scan data in the most accurate way and provide validation data for this process accordingly, all made available on the AddParts portal.

We have a number of industrial 3D print systems taking advantage of both FDM and SLS technology, producing components in materials that offer capabilities including food and pharma contact, high durability, high strength and ultra-smooth surface finishes. We have selected these technologies specifically because of the benefits they bring to production equipment components and operate them in a way that will meet the requirements of any regulatory standard we are likely to find across the UK manufacturing sector.

Using industrial 3D printing, AddParts is able to maintain highly flexible, adaptable production capacity to meet the demands of our customers with high-quality, cost-effective and accurate components with short lead times.