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Surge Protection for Power Supplies

Phoenix Contact Ltd Stand: 5-C20, 4-N92, 4-M73

The surge protective devices of the Safe Energy Control product family form a comprehensive easy-to-install package which combines maximum performance with high durability.  This gives electronic loads reliable protection and reduces maintenance costs.  Installing the surge protective devices is easy, cost effective, and space-saving.

  • Can be used in all conventional power supply systems
  • High system availability with spark gap technology
  • Consistent protection across all protection levels
  • Space-saving and cost-effective installation

Type 1+2 Combined Lightning Current and Surge Arrester

Typical installation: Feed-in.  Satisfies requirement on test class T1 (lightning current arrester) and T2 (surge protective device)

Type 2 Surge Protective Device

Typical installation location: Sub-distribution systems, machine control cabinets.  Surge protective device in accordance with test class T2

Type 3 Device Protection

Typical installation location: Directly at the end device. Surge protective device in accordance with test class T3