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16 Apr 2024

Accelerating Satellite, Rocket & Aircraft Production

IT Done Right Ltd Stand: 4-S91

BuildIT® is a software product, designed “from the ground up” by Aerospace, Defense & IT Engineers, to be the Controlling Technology for managing complex, high-technology assembly and production. BuildIT® is a sophisticated software package which embodies patented Build Intelligence Technology™.

It has been designed in conjunction with leading industry manufacturing & production engineers, specifically to:

  • Reduce Unplanned Work by providing Advanced Decision Support for Engineers and Managers.
  • Maintain a Better Momentum for Production (fewer production stalls).
  • Significantly Cut Costs by Improving Efficiency.
  • Build Higher Quality Products More Easily through automation of Information Capture.
  • Genuinely Help with Production, Assembly, Test, QA, Maintenance, etc.

In other words, it builds Aircraft, Satellites and Ships: Better, Faster, and More Economically. Industry estimates savings of over 20% during assembly, integration and test.

Major cost & time savings, plus quality improvements are not the only benefits of the BuildIT® system. Prevention-of-Loss, as well as substantial Risk-Reduction, are also major benefits.