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30 May 2024

Avoid Unplanned Downtime with Condition Monitoring from Balluff

Balluff Ltd Stand: 4-N52

Condition monitoring helps to avoid unplanned plant shutdowns and thus unnecessary costs. However, many existing plants do not have the technical prerequisites for condition monitoring. Up to now, the retrofitting of plants has often failed due to the high effort and the associated costs for permanent condition monitoring. Here, the Condition Monitoring Toolkit represents an easy-to-implement solution. With the flexible system, you quickly gain a deeper insight into the actual condition of the machines and plants and can thus detect deviations and problems at an early stage.

The system is

- compatible with all IO-Link 1.1-capable sensors on the market,

- IIoT-capable thanks to its standardized interface, and

- can be easily adapted to different applications on the software side