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Bren STM - Steam Trap and Energy Efficiency Monitoring

BrenPower Ltd Stand: 4-F43

In particular, the steam energy should be monitored continuously, which is used for various purposes such as heating, power generation, sterilization, etc. The most important problems of the businesses in the steam technology containing critical mechanical equipment are the unnoticeable steam leakages and the energy and equipment costs arising from these leakages. The unnoticeable steam leakages cause failure of the other equipment on the lines due to the trap failures. The locking, clogging or leakages seen as a result of trap failures cause the costs of production and maintenance to be increased and leads to the halt of production and hence, the factories. 30% of the traps fail every year, and this increases the costs of natural gas and coal by 15%. In addition, as a result of the trap failures, the other expensive equipment (heat exchangers, throttles, valves, HVAC units, humidifiers, etc.) in the system is damage