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01 Jan 2024

Compressed Air Project Design and Build | Direct Air & Pipework Ltd

Direct Air & Pipework Limited Stand: 4-B32

With our specialist compressed air knowledge and in-house design skills, we have the ability to take on full design responsibility for projects. We pride ourselves on providing value engineering with the ability to modify plans in line with specifications, without reducing quality. We can produce 3D models and drawings that give a more detailed representation of our compressed air system designs, making it easier for the customer to visualise what the system comprises in the lead up to an order. It also allows us to edit the layout of any plant and pipework quickly and efficiently! Our team of engineers are fully trained in the installation of modern stainless steel and aluminium systems, including TESEO & Transair, as well as more traditional galvanised steel pipework.


Website: https://www.directair.co.uk/projects/ Contact: enquiries@directair.co.uk LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/direct-air-&-pipework-ltd/