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01 Jan 2024

Compressed Air Solutions For Dennis Eagle, Our Customer Of 20+ Years | Direct Air & Pipework Ltd

Direct Air & Pipework Limited Stand: 4-B32

Dennis Eagle use compressed air for applications across the shop floor, including paint booths, paint sprayers, air filtration vent masks and air tools. However, the biggest compressors support their shotblast areas. John Johnson, Dennis Eagle’s Production Manager, helped identify the requirements of the shotblast plant project. The customer needed greater capacity within their compressed air system due to an increase in production, on top of a general upgrade of the equipment to refresh their system and consequently save energy. Direct Air worked hard to find the best solution for the customer of over 20 years, providing a selection of potential options available to fit their requirements. Allan Dolby, Managing Director at Direct Air, recommended a CompAir L110RS Variable Speed Compressor and new CompAir L80 Fixed Speed Compressor, alongside 2 large receivers and the required downstream equipment. These machines were installed alongside the customers’ existing CompAir L90, increasing the compressed air systems maximum capacity from 1,297 cfm to 1,817 cfm. This provided the required capacity for the shotblasting compressed air increased demand of 1,536 cfm. To accompany the new machines, a pipework system was implemented involving valves to produce multiple outputs. Pipework was also sent off ahead of the installation to be manufactured into the unique structure, utilising the help of our bespoke in-house CAD CAM capabilities. The new equipment meant that the customers initial £16,000 per annum of wasted energy was reduced. Therefore, saving the customer money whilst improving the compressed air systems efficiency and productivity.


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