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Cyber Essentials for Manufacturing - being certified can reduce your cyber risk by up to 98.5%

EBS (Electronic Business Systems Ltd) Stand: 4-Q71

If measured as a country, cybercrime, with damages totalling over $6 trillion USD globally in 2023, would be the world’s third-largest economy after U.S. and China. Source: Cybercrime Magazine

As a manufacturing business, no matter what size, don’t become a statistic:

  • 28.3 million Malware attacks in the UK in June 23
  • 14.2 million Ransomware attacks in UK YTD to June 23.
  • Intrusion attempts up by 37% across Europe compared to 2022.
  • The majority (58%) of attacks target small businesses, they are collectively subject to 10,000+ cyber-attacks a day.
  • 38% of UK micro and small businesses identified a cyberattack in the last 12 months.

Join EBS and leading experts CyberSmart to find out how you can better protect yourself against the above.

Cybersmart are a leading provider of Cyber Essentials certification. Cyber Essentials covers everything your business should do to protect itself from cyberattacks.

Simply being certified can reduce your cyber risk by up to 98.5%. And, it’s a great way to demonstrate to new customers and partners that you take cybersecurity seriously – helping you grow as well as stay safe. Cyber security protection for your business and supply chain link discussed during the webinar can be found here: https://ebs.tech/cyber-security-suppl...

For more information please see: https://ebs.tech/cyber-security/ Or we always welcome a conversation, so please do not hesitate to contact us via: https://ebs.tech/contact-us/ Protecting your business against cyber supply chain attacks is needed risk management.

EBS are experts in safeguarding SMEs with cyber security underpinned by the government’s CyberEssentials Plus. More information can be found here: https://www.ncsc.gov.uk/cyberessentia..