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Lubrication Storage and Machine Health

Whitmore Manufacturing LLC Stand: 4-h50

While the concept of getting a lubricant from the storage room to the machine sounds simple, it's harder than it seems — especially when contamination prevention is a priority.   Studies show that 80% of hydraulic failures and 90% of bearing failures trace back to contamination. Fortunately, facilities can proactively protect their machines against contamination by prioritizing lubricant storage.    As the reliable choice for safe storage, transfer and identification, OilSafe's lubrication management products establish best practices throughout your workflow. Every step is color-coded to eliminate risk and human error — simplifying maintenance while extending the life of the machines that make your product and keep your business running.   Learn more about lubricant storage and machine health with this short educational video featuring Noria lubrication expert, Wes Cash.   Learn more about OilSafe® at https://www.whitmores.com/oilsafe.