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19 Mar 2024

MAK REX Extra Heavy Duty Degreaser Demo Video

A&S International Limited Stand: 4-F10

MAK REX Extra Heavy Duty Degreaser - Demonstration from A&S International Ltd on Vimeo.

An NSF A1 registered highly concentrated alkaline detergent developed for intensive cleaning in various industrial environments. It will remove all types of animal, plant or mineral substances from any non-absorbent surface as well as inorganic particles, combustion deposits and liquid inks (especially flexographic inks and wax).

MAK REX is a water-based detergent that will also clean & remove machining fluids and greases as well as being suitable for dissolving impurities on metallurgical material, preparing surfaces for painting & disinfecting surfaces to kill viruses & bacteria.

Applications & Benefits

  • Machine tools, floor cleaning machines, injection moulds, food processing equipment & metal surfaces
  • Use on any non-absorbent surface
  • Surface disinfectant – an effective agent against viruses & various bacteria
  • Concentrated water-soluble & does not cause corrosion
  • NSF A1 Registered