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02 Jan 2024

MākuSafe Wearable Safety Technology

MakuSafe Stand: 4-A111

MākuSafe® is an award-winning Connected Worker Data Analytics Solution aimed at improving worker health, safety, and productivity while reducing workers comp claims and mitigating risk exposures. Our patented system combines innovative wearable technology with a robust analytics and safety management software platform that provides real-time data with predictive value and integrates with production systems.

This data includes things such as environmental hazards, slips/trips/falls, strain and exertion ergonomic concerns, location/proximity, and voice reported good-catches, providing a more complete picture of workplace risk. With this data, manufacturers, construction, and industrial organizations can better understand trends, and gain real time insights enabling proactive and preventative hazard remediation, ensuring their workers safety and optimizing productivity. In addition, MākuSafe elevates the voice of the front line worker contributing to stronger organizational cultures and improved engagement.