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24 Apr 2024

Are you still media blasting

Texture Jet Ltd Stand: 4-M70

TextureJet’s patented technology can be used to roughen or apply a texture to components in order to prepare the surface for adhesive bonding, sealants and coatings.

It significantly improves the adhesion performance compared to an unprepared surface.

The current industry method most commonly used, and the benchmark for performance, is media blasting.

However, this has many limitations: it has several non-value-added process steps (i.e. masking, cleaning) airborne and surface contamination potential for surface damage poor repeatability limited flexibility to produce different roughness’ on demand.

In comparison, our technology can: produce a wide range of surface roughness’ with the same technology eliminates the need for masking only uses green chemistry electrolytes.

We have also demonstrated the performance of our Stat technology to achieve comparable bond strength, and importantly produce far more repeatable results, shown in the graph. (Single lap shear results comparing TextureJet’s Stat technology Vs media blasting which is the current industry standard.)

So, are you ready to try the latest technology?