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Ultrasonic Bearing Inspection and Condition Monitoring

U E Systems Europe BV Stand: 4-D22

Predictive & pro-active inspection of rotating equipment with an instrument such as the Ultraprobe has many advantages. Avoid production downtime by anticipating bearing failures and preventing lubrication issues.

Ultrasound can be used on all bearing speeds – including on slow speed bearings, as low as 1 RPM.

60 to 80% of bearing failures are lubrication-related. Identify a lack of lubrication and prevent over-lubrication.

Permanent mounted ultrasonic sensors can monitor bearings 24/7.

Create trends and setup alarm levels.

Advantages of Ultrasound for Bearing Condition Monitoring.

An ultrasound bearing inspection program provides:

- Early warning of bearing failure

- Detecting a lack of lubrication

- Preventing over-lubrication

- Advanced software to assist your work process & efficient analysis

Ultrasound can be used on all bearing speeds (high, medium and low).

In addition, since ultrasound is a high frequency, short wave signal, it is possible to filter out stray, confusing background noises and focus on the specific item to be inspected.