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Clockworx®️ is a Business Orchestration & Automation solution primarily designed for Machinery & Equipment, Automotive and R&A industries. Our solution carefully integrates with any of your existing applications and aggregates data flows without needing to reengineer or interrupt existing business processes. No rip and replace.

Clockworx solution sits across your existing environments. Clockworx Solution core features:

▪️ Real-time decision making capabilities — in-built Business Intelligence & Project Management tools with Role-based dashboards, metrics, and reports.

▪️ Smart data orchestration — large data streams harvested and analyzed for diagnostics, preventive maintenance, optimization, and forecasting.

▪️ Flexible configuration options — multi-tenancy system allows each department track, compare and report specific key performance indicators.

▪️ Advanced data protection functions, GDPR compliant, detailed audit logs and built in backup and ‘disaster recovery’ capabilities.

▪️ Notifications system — automatic critical alert with an appropriate response message sent to Quality Control and Production operators.

From the shop floor to the executive level – Clockworx Solution provides predictability, repeatability, and harmony across all business processes. If you need highly flexible and customizable solution to gain visibility and control over your operations; If you're entering new geographical markets 🌎; If you feel the need to increase employee productivity and output; then you might want to take a look at the Clockworx Data Orchestration Solution.

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Magnolias House, Cryers Hill Road
HP15 6JR
United Kingdom
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