IT Done Right Ltd

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IT Done Right Ltd

BuildIT® reduces unplanned work, works around and avoids production stalls (e.g. from supply chain issues), provides full traceability, and accelerates production by 20%-30% (data gathered from the Space industry).

Other systems are focused on high-volume manufacturing and production, whereas BuildIT® focuses on highly-complex products with lower-volume, slow-moving, non-automated production cycles, involving large numbers of hours from highly skilled engineers and technicians. (e.g. satellite assembly & test, aircraft final assembly, etc.)

BuildIT® automatically integrated information from across the entire Production Domain™, and analyses it using patented algorithms, to create Build Intelligence™ for an unparalleled level of decision support. This enables the manufacturing & production engineers to have relevant information at their finger-tips, allowing significantly faster production cycles, reducing risks, and providing a higher standard of engineering and quality information (inc. full traceability).

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