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Emerson can help your business drive operational reliability through a comprehensive portfolio of services and technologies for automation assets, rotating machinery, and fixed equipment.

This portfolio includes predictive maintenance and diagnostic software applications as well as technologies for online condition and asset health monitoring, field communicators, wireless monitoring, route-based analyzers, as well as industrial softwares.



Riverside Park
United Kingdom
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  • The AMS Wireless Vibration Monitor delivers full vibration data over a self-organizing wireless mesh network. It provides rich information about machinery health for both operations and maintenance pe ...
  • When assets are not performing properly or issues go undiagnosed in the plant, it can cause costly unexpected downtime. The AMS Trex Device Communicator allows for simple issues to be addressed on the ...
  • AMS Machinery Manager integrates multiple predictive maintenance techniques with comprehensive analysis tools to provide easy and accurate assessment of the machinery health across different types of ...
  • You collect data from many machines, but having a single location where the data comes together and identifying troublemakers quickly would be more efficient. The process is simplified in AMS Machine ...
  • AMS Asset Monitor provides manufacturers benefits of continuous online monitoring for traditionally under-monitored balance-of-plant (BOP) machine assets.  
  • The old-fashioned protection systems running in your plant today comes with very specific limitations. It lacks the prediction data for advanced warning of developing problems. It requires an OPC serv ...
  • The AMS 2140 Machinery Health Analyser takes vibration data and analysis measurements to the next level. It features simultaneous four-channel plus phase data collection and unique peak detection capa ...


  • Adding a prediction system to a protection system will provide the customer with more data allowing analysis prior to shutdown. This video demonstrates the method and its simplicity for adding predict ...
  • The Audit Trail option for AMS Device Manager provides historical records of device configuration changes and performance. As you perform your tasks in AMS Device Manager software, the Audit Trail wor ...
  • Implement plant-wide visibility into the data, health, and key analytics of intelligent field devices.
  •  Back to search results for "machine works" This is a modal window. This modal can be closed by pressing the Escape key or activating the close button. Share: Condition Monitoring Using AMS Machine Wo ...
  • The rugged and reliable AMS Trex Device Communicator is designed to withstand the harsh conditions in manufacturing facilities and meets global Intrinsic Safety requirements.
  • AMS Trex delivers advanced diagnostic capabilities and eliminates the need for several specialized tools.
  • The health and performance of assets within a plant is a vital component of your organization's ability to produce quality products. Yet for too many plants, the ability to institute condition monitor ...
  • Learn how PeakVue technology offers a unique ability to detect bearing problems earlier than with standard vibration analysis techniques.
  • Find out more about Emerson's patented PeakVue and PeakVue Plus technology, which provides earlier, more accurate indications of developing faults in rolling element bearing machines.
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