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FourJaw has simplified IIoT by creating an accessible and affordable Machine Monitoring system designed to meet the demands of today's factories. FourJaw's completely plug-and-play, meaning that it works with any and all machines, regardless of age or brand.

We provide a machine data analytics platform that is easy to use and purpose-built to help manufacturers boost OEE and their bottom line. FourJaw does not require costly and complicated PLC integrations; simply connect and go!

FourJaw machine monitoring software enables manufacturers to improve productivity by allowing them to understand the past, manage the present and optimise for the future to drive continuous improvement.

FourJaw's machine monitoring platform enables factory owners and managers to:

  • Improve production uptime
  • Improve communication across the factory floor
  • Understand what type of work is most profitable
  • Understand which shifts are more efficient and why
  • Know where and what process improvements will have the biggest impact
  • Reduce production backlogs
  • Plan resources more efficiently

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