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From software and services to hardware and PPE, Honeywell helps manufacturers around the world solve their toughest sustainability, energy, safety, and digitalization challenges while seizing new opportunities to deliver outstanding value to our clients and shareholders.​

Our customers span a diverse sector of industries, such as aerospace & defense, oil & gas, mining, chemicals and more. By offering end-to-end digital solutions and next-gen safety and productivity equipment, we are more than a supplier to these critical industries – we are a strategic enterprise partner committed to maximizing the productivity, safety and overall success of your operation.

Honeywell Forge Performance+ 
Honeywell has developed a fully integrated enterprise performance management solution that enables intelligent operations: Honeywell Forge Performance+.  

Already proven in distribution centers, warehouses, and process manufacturing operations globally, Performance+ connects siloed systems and integrates critical asset performance data, workforce intelligence, and site process analytics to increase productivity and asset uptime, reduce maintenance and labor costs, and create predictable outcomes. And now, we are bringing this software to the aerospace industry to support OEM and MRO operations.  

Performance+ is an industrial software suite that helps make every day your best day of performance by using real-time data and analytics to create a big picture view of your entire operation, so you can confidently drive efficiency, profitability, and sustainability. Performance+ gives you the ability to view asset availability, worker capacity, site throughput, portfolio and energy usage all in one place. Our data driven recommendation engine allows you to monitor KPIs in real time to quickly resolve problems, make prioritization decisions, and achieve your business targets. Performance+ shifts digital transformation from being a buzzword to delivering tangible outcomes.

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  • Honeywell has developed a fully integrated enterprise performance management solution that enables intelligent operations: Honeywell Forge Performance+. Already proven in distribution centers, warehou ...
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