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INSPHERE creates technology to capture, analyse and utilise data to drive advanced, automated production.

Smart Factories and autonomous data-driven manufacturing is the future. Our focus is developing metrology sensor technology and software to control the manufacturing process itself rather than simply inspecting parts at the end of the line.

Our product, IONA, is a scalable network of sensors that provide metrology-grade positional data to automated manufacturing processes.

Live positional data from IONA enables robot simulations and programs to be updated either periodically or in real-time. This can be used to correct for variation in part location, cell setup or inherent errors in the automated system.

This data enables an accurate digital twin of the manufacturing system, allowing the user to bring offline programmes online – seamlessly – without the need for manual intervention.

The metrology-grade data generated can be used to improve the accuracy and performance of robots enabling new processes to be automated.

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+44 (0)117 3690192


The Innovation Centre
Bristol and Bath Science Park
Emersons Green
BS16 7FR
United Kingdom
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  • This whitepaper summarises a round-table discussion between senior engineers working for leading UK aerospace and automotive organisations, as well as senior engineers from UK research centres. 
  • In the UK, an estimated 744,000m3 of nuclear waste must be safely contained between now and 2140. 
  • Project AIDARC: September 2023 update

    06 Feb 2024 Insphere Ltd
    Project AIDARC (AI-driven, autonomous robot commissioning) is developing IONA technology so the future requirements of manufacturing cells, specifically within the automotive sector, can be met.  
  • INSPHERE, manufacturers of IONA, have successfully secured funding of £3.7 million. 


  • ORA

    06 Feb 2024
    ORA is our software platform that powers our IONA Network, provides unique data analysis and connects seamlessly with the robot and factory systems. ORA analyses the physical cell set-up, robot moveme ...
  • IONA

    06 Feb 2024
    IONA - Accurate Positional Awareness for Robots IONA is a scalable network of sensors that provides metrology-grade positional data to automated manufacturing processes  


  • IONA Explainer Video

    06 Feb 2024 Insphere Ltd
    IONA - Robot monitoring and control 
  • Testimonial video: "We see IONA having an integral role in the future of advanced manufacturing." James Allum, Senior Manufacturing Research Engineer AMRC Cymru
  • IONA Product Video

    06 Feb 2024 Insphere Ltd
    IONA - Revolutionising robot performance
  • Project ACCUFAS

    06 Feb 2024 Insphere Ltd
    Project ACCUFAS (Accurate and Flexible Automation Systems) is developing IONA technology to facilitate high accuracy robot control within the aerospace sector. 
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