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InterAct is a £4.4 million, Made Smarter Innovation funded, Economic and Social Research Council-led network that aims to bring together economic and social scientists, UK manufacturers, policymakers, and digital technology providers to address the human issues resulting from the diffusion of new technologies in industry.

Working alongside other partners within the wider Made Smarter Innovation programme, InterAct aims to build a strong, vibrant, interdisciplinary community where funding can be effectively distributed to researchers who will generate actionable economic and social science insights for the benefit of UK businesses.

In a world faced with the looming threat of climate change, the InterAct Network will also support UK manufacturing’s efforts to achieve Net Zero by 2050.

Whilst technology is important, there are many social and economic factors that will be hugely influential in achieving these aims. The InterAct Network has two primary roles:

  1. To facilitate greater engagement, meaningful collaboration and joint innovation bewteen academia, manufacturing and digital technology providers.
  2. Provide a repository of useful information, insights and tools for businesses to assist them in easing and de-risking the human factors in the transition to a more digitally enabled manufacturing future.

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  • This video outlines the specific challenges the manufacturing industry faces in making effective investments into digitalisation and identifies the key questions they should address to overcome them.
  • In this video, researchers examine how small scale technological changes in the mining industry influenced the lives and capabilities of people employed in the sector, and how this is relevant today. 
  • CarbonVue is an innovative digital tool that enables businesses to increase efficiency whilst reducing costs and CO2 emissions from their supply chains. 
  • Professor Jan Godsell, InterAct Co-director, discusses current consumption led model of economic growth, the impact of unsustainable supply chains and creating a strategic vision for change.
  • This short video examines some of the key changes, innovations and developments driving a brighter manufacturing future.
  • Find out more about InterAct, our aims and how we're helping to build a more sustainable, effective manufacturing future.
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