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At Motion, our expertise lies in crafting bespoke systems for the recovery of fine materials, gases, and vapors. We excel in Atex consulting, positioning ourselves as authorities in the management of fine and hazardous dust. In collaboration with RUWAC, a top-tier extraction manufacturer, we serve as their official UK supplier. Our approach includes conducting thorough site surveys to ensure the fulfillment of health and safety standards in dust management for diverse locations. Every system is a tailor-made creation, meticulously assembled to meet the specific requirements of each site, including factors such as height, power, dust distribution, waste disposal methods, and recovery time. With RUWAC, we offer a solution that is custom-fit for every need.


Broad Lane
United Kingdom
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  • The wet separator is a unit which separates dust from unfiltered gas waste. Wet separators vacuum the dust-filled air and feed it into a dust container filled with liquid. There, the air and dust are ...
  • The wet separator is suitable for picking up challenging particles which are sticky, hazardous to health, highly combustible, reactive or even explosive. It is the best solution to collect metal dusts ...
  • Industrial vacuum with single-phase drive type R01 A Small but powerful 
  • Introducing the R24 D CORDLESS VACUUM from RUWAC
  • Introducing the R18 D CORDLESS VACUUM from RUWAC
  • Introducing the new R01 D CORDLESS VACUUM from RUWAC
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