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KEYENCE are a supplier of factory automation solutions, renowned for their wide range of high-performance products including Sensors, Machine Vision, Microscopes, Metrology Systems and Laser Markers.

The VHX-7000 Series is a microscope that can observe uneven surfaces and 3D objects with clear images thanks to its large depth of field and long observation distance. Together with a model that uses a full control system to provide high-resolution observation that rivals an SEM, this lineup includes entry models equipped with frequently used functions. Dedicated lenses that bring out the best performance of the microscopes are also available.

The IM-8000 Series is an automated, instant measurement system that provides highly accurate and repeatable measurement data in seconds; simply place a part on the stage and push one button! Hundreds of critical features can be dimensioned on the part anywhere within the system's field of view. Built in automatic edge detection software allows for measurements to remain consistent among all operators and eliminate subjectivity. This user friendly tool can be used by anyone to compliment your quality control processes whether it is being used in a lab or out on the shop floor.

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