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Netstock is a leader in inventory management and has earned the trust of over 2,200 global customers. Integrating into leading ERP platforms, Netstock empowers small-to-medium businesses to place orders quicker, reduce stock-outs, minimize excess inventory and optimize capacity planning. Delivering immediate ROI, Netstock provides customers with the visibility to free up working capital, adapt to changes, and deliver outstanding customer service. For more information, visit www.netstock.com.

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+44 (0) 1183 703046


2 Meadow Court
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OX28 6ER
United Kingdom
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  • Netstock Predictor IBP empowers collaborative Demand, Supply, and Capacity planning. Advanced forecasting and integrated data from your ERP support a robust S&OP process. The supply module suggests op ...
  • Netstock Predictor IA

    29 Apr 2024
    Robust, yet easy to use, Netstock’s Predictor IA offers out-of-the-box functionality and an intuitive user interface that allows teams to get up to speed rapidly, realizing inventory and supply and de ...


  • Netstock Predictor IA offers tailored recommendations by analyzing your data, enabling informed decisions for optimized inventory supply and demand planning decisions
  • Customers gain full visibility into their inventory KPIs on a single dashboard.  Allowing them to focus on business-critical items and align demand and supply.
  • Balance inventory holding, free cash tied up in excess inventory and reduce carrying costs. 
  • Our ML-based Pivot Forecasting® engine offers enterprise-grade forecasting, and helps predict future supply and demand scenarios, enhancing your planning process.
  • Comprehensive visibility into business performance. The Executive dashboard offers executive teams a high-level performance overview of inventory & ordering KPIs and overall sales.  
  • Report Builder lets you create unlimited custom .xlsx reports, providing concise information for daily operations. Collaborate with team members and share insights to drive better decisions.  
  • The Opportunity Engine uses AI & machine learning to analyze historical data & other key factors. It offers demand planners insights and recommendations to optimize inventory and improve operations.  
  • Analyzes inventory levels across multiple locations, identifies surplus stock, and allows you to seamlessly redistribute stock to where it's needed most.   
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