Stand: 4-M110
  • | Artificial intelligence (AI)
  • | Data management
  • | Industry 4.0 and digital transformation
  • | Software and IT
  • | Sustainability
  • | Smart Factory Expo

Thingtrax’s IoT SaaS solution enables manufacturing businesses to improve efficiency and reduce costs.  

Integrating with over 300 devices and protocols, Thingtrax captures and analyses manufacturing operations data in real-time to help drive process improvement throughout your manufacturing operation.  

One simple installation process connects all of your sites, removes the ambiguity and inconsistency of multi-source data, so you can make intelligent decisions to drive your business forward.    

Real-time visibility at your fingertips  

  • Manufacturing performance at every level, from individual site to process or machine  
  • Individual and team activity  
  • Performance benchmarking, KPI and trend analysis  

Why customers love us  

  • Increased bottom-line  
  • Maximised production efficiency  
  • Decreased energy and wastage costs  
  • Faster time to market  
  • Optimised internal processes and high-performance culture  
  • Streamlined CapEx and OpEx decision making 


United Kingdom
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