Manufacturing & Engineering Week 2023

  1. M&E Week Keynote Theatre

    With his unique insight as a former advisor to the government on industrial strategy, Juergen Maier provides his unique perspective on UK manufacturing, the opportunities the sector brings and the challenges it's facing. 

  2. M&E Week Keynote Theatre

    Katherine Bennett CBE, CEO of High Value Manufacturing Catapult, discusses the importance of innovation and its impact in changing manufacturing businesses for the better.

    Join her as she shares examples of how she has seen this working with companies that the HVMC are supporting. 

  3. M&E Week Keynote Theatre
    This panel brings together a number of manufacturers who are using ground breaking technology to close the skills gap in their businesses.
  4. M&E Week Keynote Theatre
    An introduction to the Circular Futures Approach (CFA): a systematic process that helps organisations to create a preferred sustainable future that gravitates around Circular Economy principles using Strategic Foresight methods. The CFA follows a two-stage method for implementation, beginning with education and followed by methodology. The CFA fills the gap in current Circular Economy approaches by providing a strategic foresight perspective and guidance for implementation
  5. M&E Week Keynote Theatre
    Rolls-Royce’s introduction of a radical new business model in the 90’s catalysed the development of early analytics. These grew over time into a connected ecosystem of Digital Twins. In this session,  we will explore this journey and examine the cultural, behavioural and technological aspects that made it possible.
  6. M&E Week Keynote Theatre
    Cyber expert Dr Ryan Heartyfield, CTO of Exalens, provides practical advice on the challenges all manufacturing companies face in the light of an ever more connected world. This session will cover how to protect your business and provide practical examples of the potential cyber threats. 
  7. M&E Week Keynote Theatre
    This session will follow the journey of a manufacturer who successfully took advantage of the potential of adapting their products and production lines for new markets.
  8. M&E Week Keynote Theatre


    This session provides an overview of the opportunities and challenges facing UK manufacturing, and how manufacturers can be in the best position to succeed.

  9. M&E Week Keynote Theatre

    Leaning on the experience of both Managing Director of Siemens Digital Industries and co-Chair of the Made Smarter Commission, this session will cover the importance of digitalisation and Industry 5.0 for business improvement and growth, as well as the current opportunities available to manufacturers to support them on this journey.

  10. M&E Week Keynote Theatre
    With ever-changing timelines, material choices, net zero commitments, and the desire to take the full life cycle of a product into account, this panel discusses what engineers and manufacturers need to focus on from material selection, through to the building and management of the manufacturing site itself.  This session will give insights into best practices for anyone on the sustainable and circular economy journey.
  11. M&E Week Keynote Theatre
    This panel will comprise a range of manufacturing businesses at different stages of their digitalisation journey and discussing the benefits and route to growth.
  12. M&E Week Keynote Theatre
    National Manufacturing Institute of Scotland shares initiatives and best practices.  Discover what can be learned from this thriving manufacturing sector. 
  13. Maintec Keynote Theatre
    Join this session as we shine a light on solutions that can dramatically improve the outlook for engineers and keep industries in motion. Please join us and bring your questions for an insightful discussion on all things maintenance.
  14. Maintec Keynote Theatre
    Our charity partner Engineers Without Borders travels the world to make a difference to those that need it most. This keynote shares their new competency compass and how it can help develop your maintenance strategy.
  15. Maintec Keynote Theatre
    There has never been more pressure on businesses to be productive, to do more, to grow more, all of ...
  16. Maintec Keynote Theatre
    This session will discuss ways that have been successful in reducing downtime, spotting issues before they happen and actively improved the effectiveness of the site.
  17. Maintec Keynote Theatre
    With the skills shortage a constant issue for all manufacturers, and diversity and inclusion a key in solving that problem, this case study talks through the successful strategy employed by 2023 MX Awards People & Skills Winner, Lisi Aerospace. How they started their process, how they got buy in from staff and senior management, and the benefits they've seen across the board.
  18. Maintec Solution Theatre
    Ultrasound can detect bearing failures and lubrication issues at a very early stage - Ultrasound in the IIoT: ultrasonic sensors and internet connected devices for remote and permanent condition monitoring - Pairing sensors with single point lubricators: automatically lubricate bearings based on their condition
  19. Maintec Solution Theatre
    How Thermography can be used for Preventative Maintenance Using Acoustic Imaging to Reduce Energy Us ...
  20. Maintec Solution Theatre
    * Understanding Maintenance Maturity * How you teams should be Collaborating * Faster Implementation ...
  21. Maintec Solution Theatre
    Understand the importance of machinery installation.

    Understand the reasons for machinery infant mortality.

    Learn Installation procedures. 
  22. Maintec Solution Theatre
    How do I ensure I've got the asset maintenance basics in place to maximise profitability? What are the practical ways I can future-proof my business to meet the green agenda? How can I use maintenance metrics to make the best business decisions?
  23. Maintec Solution Theatre
    Correct spare part data are key for optimisation - Real-time supply chain information improve stock ...
  24. Maintec Solution Theatre
    - Understand the Key Principles of Reliability in Design - See Demonstrated Principles of the application - Review 'Reliability in Design' Case Studies and Results
  25. Maintec Solution Theatre
    - Where connected reliability fits into your digital transformation journey - Turning data into acti ...
  26. Maintec Solution Theatre
    Enhancing SFG20 maintenance standards

    Data is King

    Maximising uptime through RCM
  27. Maintec Solution Theatre
    - By analyzing industrial IoT data, you can identify trends and proactively and efficiently Address any potential issues that may arise. - Predictive maintenance optimizes efficiency, reliability, and safety needs. - Avoid critical outages and downtime By quickly identifying potential equipment failure.
  28. Automation & Robotics Solution Theatre
    Linear motion: a choice between pneumatic or electric technology, or are there other options? Optimal selection: critical criteria to consider - performance, cost and energy efficiency Case study: application-based selection for effective machine designs
  29. Industrial Data & AI Solution Theatre
    · How IoT sensor data can unlock greater value throughout the B2B and B2C chain

    · How sensor data influences cost savings, from enhancing product excellence and design for manufacturing to ensuring end-to-end quality

    · Learn how Snowflake provides full chain visibility through its industry-leading data collaboration offerings
  30. Digital Transformation Solution Theatre
    - What does the Industrial Metaverse entail? - Current large scale deployment in the market - How TeamViewer can help digitally transform the warehouse with AR/MR
  31. Industrial Data & AI Solution Theatre
    Mitsubishi Electric present their approach to digital manufacturing based around their three software pillars of, 1.) their data management and visualisation platform, ICONICS Suite, 2.) their digital twin and simulation tool, MELSOFT GEMINI and 3.) their AI based analytics tool, MELSOFT MailLab. All of which are underpinned at the plant level by their automation hardware platforms include PLCs, HMIs, drives, servos and robotics.
  32. Industrial Data & AI Solution Theatre
    Apollo Protocol - open best-practice common language framework Interoperable Digital Twins - all sec ...
  33. Digital Transformation Solution Theatre
    - Enabling digital transformation that benefits the workforce and maximizes customer service. - How Field Collaboration capabilities can drive the transformation of the end-to-end lifecycle of frontline workers - How Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality can improve on-site maintenance. - How emerging technologies can help organizations to face the ageing of the workforce.
  34. Digital Transformation Solution Theatre
    How better use of technology can break down silos in Machine Shops Combining technology and data-dri ...
  35. Digital Transformation Solution Theatre
    • The importance of mobile ERP in manufacturing and its benefits
    • Strategies for leveraging mobile apps, workflow automation, business intelligence and more to improve productivity, communication and data management
    • How your employees can create no-code, customised mobile apps and web portals quickly and easily, to enhance customer interactions and experience
  36. Digital Transformation Solution Theatre
    Digital twins come in many different shapes and sizes, which is why it can be easy to be distracted by the many different opportunities they present. So the question is, How do you ensure maximum value when implementing a digital twin? In this session discover the common pitfalls encountered when implementing a digital twin and how to avoid them to ensure maximum value. 
  37. Digital Transformation Solution Theatre
    Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), a British multinational automotive company that designs, manufactures, and ...
  38. Digital Transformation Solution Theatre
    A step-by-step process from the inception of digital engineering to its adoption and sustainment usi ...
  39. Digital Transformation Solution Theatre
    How the West Midlands Plan For Growth will help change the region. What is Made Smarter and how it helps local businesses with funding. The impact of digital technologies on business performance across the supply chain.
  40. Digital Transformation Solution Theatre
    Latest legislative developments - discuss why your company needs to take action now - avoid being caught out by new requirements .
  41. Digital Transformation Solution Theatre
    Making data-based investment decisions instead of a gut feeling Preparing for unplanned production d ...
  42. Digital Transformation Solution Theatre
    In this session we will discuss how to shift from a reactive approach to problem-solving to a holist ...
  43. Digital Transformation Solution Theatre
    In this session we'll share: - How Bosch, ABB, Nestlé, L'Oréal and others have empowered workers to learn continuously, share knowledge and solve problems more autonomously - Why connecting your people (IoP) is just as important as connecting your assets (IoT) - The 4 most common and impactful ways to transform and develop your workforce
  44. Digital Transformation Solution Theatre
    How better use of technology can break down silos in Machine Shops Combining technology and data-dri ...
  45. Digital Transformation Solution Theatre
    - We'll explain how our value-driven approach to technology strategy can be applied to the manufacturing industry - We'll show you how to produce a practical roadmap using technology such as automation and machine learning - We'll explain how this roadmap can be used to drive cost reduction and other benefits to your organisation
  46. Digital Transformation Solution Theatre
    1. As-built documentation captures physical reality for accurate project management. 2. Digital twin ...
  47. IIOT & Connectivity Solution Theatre
    Capture existing, actionable machine data (signals) from Brownfield or Greenfield sites. Convert tha ...
  48. Digital Transformation Solution Theatre
    UK government moves away from the environmental laws that originated in Brussels - divergence that is now becoming apparent  
  49. IIOT & Connectivity Solution Theatre
    - eSIM technology can simplify manufacturing resulting in less human errors and a savings of cost and time. - Private networks provides increased security, better network control, and decreased interference, plus more. - Address challenges such as unplanned downtime, high Inventory and maintenance costs, poor quality metrics and more.
  50. IIOT & Connectivity Solution Theatre
    1. The Problems with Traditional Inventory Management. 2. The Power of IIOT Solutions from Inventor-e and what they deliver. 3. The Benefits of Digital Inventory to the Smart Factory. 
  51. Innovation Solution Theatre
    Using energy efficiency technologies to counter the rising energy costs that are putting pressure on UK manufacturers Using UPS to protect sites from the risk of power disruption and preventing damaging losses in production Reducing carbon emissions associated with energy use
  52. IIOT & Connectivity Solution Theatre
    • What RTLS 4.0 is and how it can be used indoors and outside. • The value and impact of condition-b ...
  53. Innovation Solution Theatre
    Cloud-First - Adoption of modern SAP ERP software to achieve growth. Optimisation of the shopfloor through integrated package solutions. Riding the storm of fluctuating prices and labour shortages 
  54. Innovation Solution Theatre
    Understand how to create a winning Product Information Management strategy and the benefits of a PIM ...
  55. Innovation Solution Theatre
    What are the problems that are currently being faced in the manufacturing industry? How an Employee ...
  56. Maintec Solution Theatre
    Uncovering the toughest challenges in maintenance & reliability optimization Sharing the top success ...
  57. Automation & Robotics Solution Theatre
    - Learn how internal and external threats can affect the safety of plant and machines. - Discover wh ...
  58. Industrial Data & AI Solution Theatre
    - The typical barriers organisations face when implementing their first applications of machine lear ...
  59. Industrial Data & AI Solution Theatre
    - what is FL and Edge ML-Ops - how can it be used with Industrial IoT; its benefits - Our FL and Edg ...
  60. Digital Transformation Solution Theatre
    1. Learn how a Matterport Digital Twin can streamline space planning. 2. Learn how a Matterport Digi ...
  61. IIOT & Connectivity Solution Theatre
    Connected Reconfigurable Factory COREF R&D programme has developed I4.0 capability focussed on low v ...
  62. Innovation Solution Theatre
    1. How XR technology, and creative thinking, is delivering new efficiency benefits 2. The importance ...
  63. Innovation Solution Theatre
  64. M&E Week Keynote Theatre
    Ben Botwright, Engineering Manager of Kerry’s Tenbury Wells production site, describes how he and his team have significantly reduced their manufacturing operating costs over the past 18 months by implementing digitisation in short modular projects, that quickly delivered tangible value. He will describe how each project was approached, the lessons learned and the surprising insights that led to significant changes in how they operated some of their long-established processes. The projects include wastewater compliance, energy consumption profiles and critical asset condition monitoring,  out of a total of the eight modules implemented so far
  65. Maintec Keynote Theatre
    RS would like to share the findings of its industry-leading report, commissioned in association with the Institute of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE). The Industry in Motion report is the insightful result of a survey carried out among UK and Ireland-based engineers. Almost 700 engineers – mainly millennials - responded to the survey, which spanned all industries. For the first time, RS would like to share these remarkable results with you.
  66. Maintec Keynote Theatre
    The skills shortage remains a huge challenge for manufacturers. How can a diversity strategy not just fill the skills gap, but also improve and strengthen your business future?
  67. Maintec Keynote Theatre
    Successful implementation of predictive maintenance requires more than just IT-driven tools; it requires an enterprise-level appreciation of the strategic role of asset management. This session takes you through the key steps to making this happen.
  68. Maintec Keynote Theatre
    This session focuses on the biggest challenge ­facing maintenance engineers today…the true cost of downtime.
    Guiding you through the pitfalls of a lack-lustre maintenance strategy, Head of Field Services at RS, Gary Harvey, and Head of Onsite Condition Monitoring, Rob Webster will explore the effects of planned versus unplanned downtime, ageing assets, and resource pressures.
    They will shine a light on solutions that can dramatically improve the outlook for engineers and keep industries in motion. Please join us and bring your questions for an insightful discussion on all things maintenance.
  69. Maintec Keynote Theatre
    This session will talk through how Rolls Royce has used novel repair and inspection techniques to reduce downtime, improve safety, and the innovations they are putting in place to make sure that maintenance resilience is constantly improving. 
  70. Innovation Solution Theatre
    The global Automotive sector is being challenged with simultaneous changes, the likes of which it ha ...
  71. Innovation Solution Theatre
    Hear from current Manufacturing apprentices about their journey and advice when entering the sector. ...
  72. Automation & Robotics Solution Theatre
    Best practices organisations should adopt to transition into sustainable manufacturing and related b ...
  73. Automation & Robotics Solution Theatre
    Understand why energy management is an important topic for the manufacturing sector Learn about the ...
  74. Industrial Data & AI Solution Theatre
    Google Cloud's newest innovations help manufacturers scale their digital transformation initiatives ...
  75. Industrial Data & AI Solution Theatre
    How sustainability can be integrated into product design process Examples of sustainable product des ...
  76. Digital Transformation Solution Theatre
  77. Digital Transformation Solution Theatre
    Industrial case studies showcasing how digital transformation can be leveraged to gain real value fo ...
  78. IIOT & Connectivity Solution Theatre
    Understand the merging of IT and OT in industrial environments, exploring associated opportunities and risks. Learn to integrate Cyber-Physical monitoring into OT and IIoT, boosting operational resilience and uptime. Discover strategies for swiftly responding to anomalies, system faults, and threats, enhancing IT-OT team collaboration. 
  79. Industrial Data & AI Solution Theatre

    - Discover how automating actionable insights drives value by giving your business the right information at the right time, delivered to the right person. 

    - Learn how we have improved operational efficiency with automated data solutions in the past with real world examples.

    - Find out how you can advance your business’ digital maturity and capitalise on digital opportunities within manufacturing  

  80. IIOT & Connectivity Solution Theatre
  81. Industrial Data & AI Solution Theatre
    In the journey towards Industry 4.0, manufacturing industries face challenges such as data silos, an ...
  82. Maintec Solution Theatre
    The importance of accurate physical asset identification and recording. How accurate EAM/CMMS data is used to improve efficiency, reliability & reporting. The benefit of associating spare part requirements to your EAM/CMMS. 
  83. Innovation Solution Theatre
    Find the right formula to boost frontline engagement during an unprecedented labour crisis. Results ...
  84. Innovation Solution Theatre
    ' How innovative building design can help increase productivity/provide business efficiencies. ' Sus ...
  85. Innovation Solution Theatre
  86. Automation & Robotics Solution Theatre
    Linear motion: a choice between pneumatic or electric technology, or are there other options? Optima ...
  87. Innovation Solution Theatre
    Understand the current state of Design, Technology an Engineering education in the UK Hear ways that ...
  88. Automation & Robotics Solution Theatre
    ' Unlock the potential of your factory operations with future proof solutions that optimize and enga ...
  89. Innovation Solution Theatre
  90. Automation & Robotics Solution Theatre
    Know key changes with migration of the Machinery Directive to the Machinery Regulation. - Get a summ ...
  91. Innovation Solution Theatre
    Get in the driving seat to take control of your career aspirations Know what's important tools and t ...
  92. Industrial Data & AI Solution Theatre
    Does your enterprise know how resilient it really is against cyberattacks? Or even what it means to ...
  93. 7 virtues of sustainable manufacturing
  94. Industrial Data & AI Solution Theatre
    The challenge on sharing information about waste across multiple industries - The need for a knowled ...
  95. Innovation Solution Theatre
    In this 20-minute session, 3M will discuss how Adhesives & Tapes can replace traditional bonding methods to ensure your designs look more streamline without compromising on strength, even on dissimilar substrates.

  96. Industrial Data & AI Solution Theatre
    • Understand where waste and emissions are created in manufacturing operations

    • How digitisation can be a key driver for sustainability

    • 5 steps for going green as a manufacturer
  97. Automation & Robotics Solution Theatre
    Developments in AI, visualization and autonomous mobile technologies are opening up new applications ...
  98. Institute for Manufacturing Theatre
    Join us for a short inspirational talk followed by a networking drinks reception.
  99. Innovation Stage, Innovation Village
    This panel discussion is led by the Women in Manufacturing initiative and will be chaired by Prof. J ...
  100. Institute for Manufacturing Theatre
    This workshop will introduce Digital Shoestring; a low-risk low-cost approach to digitalisation for ...
  101. Innovation Stage
    Objectives and design of the Made Smarter Innovation Challenge, overview of progress, open opportuni ...
  102. Innovation Stage
    Role of digital in manufacturing, the importance of digital innovation for the future of manufacturi ...
  103. Innovation Stage
    About the Smart Manufacturing Data Hub featuring demos, user cases and Q&A, how to get involved.
  104. Innovation Stage
    The HVM Catapult is here to help UK manufacturers turn great ideas into commercial realities. Join u ...
  105. Innovation Stage
    The ‘three I’s’ of growth for innovation‑focused SMEs: How innovation management, internationalisati ...
  106. Innovation Stage
    MTC: Nandini will look at the digital adoption journey that can transform a business. With insights ...
  107. Innovation Stage
    The Digital Factory is a specialist centre within the NMIS Group, and is focused on industrial digit ...
  108. Innovation Stage
    Motivation for the MSI Sustainability in Manufacturing Accelerator, how digital start‑ups and scale‑ ...
  109. Innovation Stage
    Engaging elevator pitches to be delivered by Innovation Alley participants, providing an overview of ...
  110. Innovation Stage
    Open event to meet with Innovation Alley participants, the Made Smarter Innovation Team, High Value ...
  111. Innovation Stage
    Objectives of InterAct, sharing of insights including the visions for the future of digital manufact ...
  112. Innovation Stage
    Made Smarter Innovation Digital Supply Chain Hub has recently launched 4 supply chain testbeds as th ...
  113. Innovation Stage

    This panel discussion is led by the Women in Manufacturing initiative and will be chaired by Prof. Jillian MacBryde, Professor of Innovation and Operations Management, Strathclyde University.

    Panellists include:
    Agnes Wamagui, Knowledge Transfer Manager, KTN, Innovate UK
    Sarah Black-Smith, General Manager Motion Control, Siemens Digital Industries
    Sherrie Rad, Innovation Lead, Made Smarter Innovation
    Zoi Roupakia, Research Associate, Institute for Manufacturing, University of Cambridge

  114. Innovation Stage
    CPI: The 1st, 2nd and 3rd Industrial Revolutions created great wealth, but at the expense of the env ...
  115. Innovation Stage
    The use of design tool chains to optimise manufacturing for new product introduction. Join us to hea ...
  116. Innovation Stage
    Hear how young academics are shaping the future of manufacturing and how you can too.
  117. Innovation Solution Theatre
    1. How XR technology, and creative thinking, is delivering new efficiency benefits 2. The importance ...
  118. M&E Week Keynote Theatre
    An overview from Minister Ghani on government plans, strategy, and passion for the UK's manufacturing & engineering sector. 
  119. Innovation Solution Theatre
    - The typical buying committee for a complex B2B solution involves 6 - 10 decision-makers. - Gain an ...
  120. Industrial Data & AI Solution Theatre
    - The No Fault Found problem - Application of Unsupervised Learning for Anomaly Detection - Future o ...
  121. Automation & Robotics Solution Theatre
    • KNOW, the material flows in the UK economy • UNDERSTAND what it means for a business to contribute ...
  122. M&E Week Keynote Theatre
    In his talk, David Leal-Ayala will: • Explore what the 2023 report tells us about industry trends an ...
  123. Innovation Stage
    This session explores the Innovate UK materials and manufacturing vision 2050. The UK needs to be ne ...
  124. Maintec Keynote Theatre
    An overview from Minister Ghani, on the governments plans, strategy, and passion for the UK's manufa ...
  125. Maintec Keynote Theatre
    A clear maintenance strategy is critical in delivering the best possible performance for your manufa ...
  126. Innovation Solution Theatre
    What are the problems that are currently being faced in the manufacturing industry? How an Employee Engagement program can resolve these issues. How our solution has helped others to succeed in the industry.