Manufacturing & Engineering Week 2023


AI in Automation

07 Jun 2023
Industrial Data & AI Solution Theatre

Mitsubishi Electric present their approach to digital manufacturing based around their three software pillars of, 1.) their data management and visualisation platform, ICONICS Suite, 2.) their digital twin and simulation tool, MELSOFT GEMINI and 3.) their AI based analytics tool, MELSOFT MailLab. All of which are underpinned at the plant level by their automation hardware platforms include PLCs, HMIs, drives, servos and robotics.

In particular, this presentation will focus on advances in their AI based analytics platforms as their use become more prevalent in, and add significant value to, modern manufacturing practices.

Mitsubishi Electric’s Data Science Tool MELSOFT MaiLab can be used to automatically find correlation in manufacturing data, then apply AI learning to create algorithms that deliver predictive analytics operating in closed loop control. This effectively replacing the black art of “human experience and intuition” with digital technology that can improve the performance and reliability of manufacturing processes and in turn reduce cost to the modern manufacturer.”


Patrick Dion-Fehily, Digitalisation Specialist - Mitsubishi Electric
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