Manufacturing & Engineering Week 2023


Deployment of industrial digital technologies in manufacturing (MTC) / Factory+: a comprehensive open‑access smart factory framework (AMRC)

07 Jun 2023
Innovation Stage

MTC: Nandini will look at the digital adoption journey that can transform a business. With insights on how to get started – including de‑risking investment in new digital technology – and how to address challenges and opportunities along the way such as intelligent use of data, sustainable manufacturing, skills development and new business models – the presentation will focus on MTC’s digital pathway, from proof‑of‑concept phase through to the delivery of an optimised solution, enabling business transformation.

AMRC: The AMRC’s Factory+ is an open and modular framework aimed at simplifying and standardising data management across manufacturing organisations.

Alex Godbehere, Technical Fellow for Smart Factories - AMRC
Nandini Chakravorti
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