Manufacturing & Engineering Week 2023


Design, Engineering and Manufacturing fit for the 21st Century (CPI) / BEAT (Business Energy Aid Toolkit) (WMG)

08 Jun 2023
Innovation Stage

CPI: The 1st, 2nd and 3rd Industrial Revolutions created great wealth, but at the expense of the environment and poor communities. The 4th Industrial Revolution must address this to ensure 9 billion‑plus people live well and all within the nine planetary boundaries by 2050. This demands a shift in mindset, and it demands a new approach to design, engineering, and manufacturing.

WMG: Practical helps for SMEs that is being rolled out across HVMC to help SMEs understand and reduce their Energy costs and get started on their Net Zero Journey.

Shak Gohir, Theme Lead - Sustainable Materials and Circular Economy - High Value Manufacturing Catapult (HVM)
Paul Milne, Deputy Director SME Programmes - WMG, University of Warwick
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