Manufacturing & Engineering Week 2023


Drive Digital Transformation using Industrial Data and Artificial Intelligence

08 Jun 2023
Industrial Data & AI Solution Theatre
In the journey towards Industry 4.0, manufacturing industries face challenges such as data silos, an ageing workforce, limited visibility into supply chain and operations, and growing competition. However, AI technologies offer the potential to transform the manufacturing sector by enhancing efficiency, productivity, and decision-making processes. Quantiphi specialises in assisting clients in building a robust data foundation and developing AI solutions to visualise, optimise, automate, and predict their business processes. We address data consolidation challenges through our Manufacturing Data Engine (MDE) solution, enabling migration of historical plant data and real-time streaming of sensor data to the cloud. Additionally, Quantiphi leverages Generative AI, powered by Google Cloud Platform, to revolutionise interactions with machines, automate tasks, and support applications such as conversational bots, automated reporting, supply chain risk assessment, and digital twin creation. Their focus is on using Generative AI to enable smart factories and enhance operational efficiency.
Eshan Tyagi, UK&I GTM Lead - Quantiphi
Saumil Singh, Manufacturing Lead - Quantiphi
Costanza Ronchi, Data Analytics Sales Specialist - Google Cloud
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