08 Mar 2022

11 reasons why automated forklifts are the future

11 reasons why automated forklifts are the future
11 reasons why automated forklifts are the future – Forklifts are a major frontier of the robotic revolution. Discover why automating these systems will make a big change to your business sooner than you think

Forklifts are a quintessential element of everyday warehouse operations. Automation won’t ever remove them from the picture, but it will dramatically change their shape. Discover from Wise Robotics eleven of the most important reasons why automated forklifts will be the future of warehouse automation.

1. Advanced accuracy

Automated forklifts work to levels of precision unparalleled by manual counterparts. Their ability to control rotation down to single degrees, and distance down to mere millimetres, offers exceptional operational accuracy.

2. Safe and secure

With features like laser sensors, LiDAR sweeps, ultrasonic scanners, bumper detectors, and the old fashioned emergency stop plunger, it’s easy to see why automated forklifts are abundantly safe to work alongside. With all these systems in play, alongside the removal of manual error, you understand why we’re confident that our robots are safe and secure.

3. Static standards

Forklift qualification requirements can change and shift over time as new governments and new designs of forklifts come into play. Automated forklifts can perform the same task reliably to the same quality over a much longer period of time. This is thanks to regular software updates and only the occasional bout of re-engineering.

4. Ongoing operations

Thanks to long-lasting LiFePO4 battery and efficient weight distribution, automated forklifts can work for longer and with more consistent performance than the manually managed alternative.

5. Compact design

A major reason manual forklifts need to be so large is designing them around a driver’s seat. Automated forklifts dispense with this situation, meaning they can slim down sufficiently to save valuable space. This makes extra storage density possible, allowing you to make the very most of your warehouse.

6. Terminate training time

Training new employees to use and master your forklift arrangements can consume valuable time. Especially if you need to change the routes and set-up on a regular basis. Automated forklifts claim this time back, making the very most of every hour of your staff’s valuable time and effort.

7. Spectacular speed

Automated forklifts can maintain far higher speeds much more consistently than a manual driver. With complete confidence in exactly where they are going, how fast they need to go, and when/where they need to stop, automated forklifts can dramatically accelerate your warehouse workload.

8. Always adaptable

The level of accuracy and speeds provided by automated forklifts are coupled with the ease of reprogramming. If you need to change your warehouse layout or completely relocate your business, all the robots require is a change in their code. Automated forklifts are always fully adaptable.

9. Acceleratable operations

To make a manual forklift operation go faster, you need more staff and more forklifts. Those new staff need to be vetted, familiarised with the warehouse, and have the early stages of occasional errors tolerated for long enough to make them viable employees. Automated forklift operations can be accelerated far more easily. Deploy additional forklifts, adjust your robotic control system, and send them on their way.

10. Maximise manual manpower

With the automated forklift freeing up the driving and moving part of your warehouse operation, this creates new space for your manual staff to be redirected to more purposeful tasks. Everything from ongoing inspection to goods in control and much more. Make the most of your manpower with automated forklifts.

11. Extreme efficiency

Automated forklifts bring together an amazingly combination of superb speed, advanced accuracy, compact design, and so much more. This all blends together into one powerful reality. Extreme efficiency. Much more work is done with much less effort and expense spent.

Discover automated forklifts

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