22 Mar 2022

15 amazing features of the VNP15

15 amazing features of the VNP15
15 amazing features of the VNP15 – See why the most recent addition to the Wise Robotics AMR range offers huge technical leaps and amazing operational advantages.

Wise Robotics recently announced the latest addition to its fleet of amazing autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). The VNP-15 is a cutting-edge automated forklift that is dramatically expanding the range of roles and functions available from our flexible automation solutions. To understand how and why the VNP15 is such an important piece of equipment, consider the following fifteen features:

1. Heavyweight contender

The VNP15 can carry up to 1.5 metric tonnes. A massive accomplishment in and of itself, but even more impressive when you consider this in the context of how quickly and precisely it can move that amount of mass.

2. Rapid response

The VNP15 can consistently reach speeds of 1.5 metres per second. This kind of pace is what makes Wise Robotics’ AMRs true efficiency game-changers. Carrying large loads at high-speed to exactly where they are needed.

3. Greater reach

The VNP15 offers all the benefits of flexible automation to warehouses holding their racks far higher. With a reaching range of three metres for both palleted and un-palleted loads, the VNP15 is perfect for any number of high-density warehouse operations.

4. Compact design

Measuring 2595 mm × 1238 mm × 2075 mm, the VNP15 is noticeably more compact than many of the manual alternatives. Without the need for a driver’s seat and adjacent controls, the VNP15 can perform all the same functions as a manual forklift while consuming a fraction of the space.

5. Cutting-edge counterweights

Thanks to the counterweight mechanism built into its superstructure, the VNP15 can carry large loads to great heights, despite its small size. The carefully calculated balance makes the entire system far more effective at every skill set you need from a high quality automated forklift.

6. Ongoing operations

With their long-lasting LiFePO4 batteries, the VNP15 is able to operate for up to eight hours without recharging. Thanks to their intelligent automation, the robots know when they need more power, and automatically report to recharging stations.

7. Precise positioning

With the combination of its differential drives, computer control systems, and advanced sensor suites, the VNP15 can offer a positioning accuracy of 20mm. Exactly the kind of control necessary to carefully coordinate your ongoing warehouse forklift operations.

8. Optimal orientation

The same sensors, computer control, and differential drive systems allow the VNP15 an angle based accuracy that is nearly impossible with the manual alternative. The VNP15 is so precise it can offer single-degree levels of angled orientation accuracy.

9. Lasers and lenses

The VNP15 has some of the most advanced navigation sensor systems currently on offer in the industry 4.0 space. This includes the options of laser-based SLAM navigation, texture-based visual mapping of the workspace terrain, or digital cameras sighting and identifying objects and obstacles in and around your warehouse space.

10. Width control

The VNP15 comes with a wide range of optional changes and features. Among these can be found the ability to automatically adjust the forklift’s width. The VNP15 can identify the load, calculate the kind of balance and poise it will need for this particular carrying operation, and adjust the width of its forklift prongs accordingly.

11. Contactless detection

The VNP15 has some extraordinary sensory capacities when it comes to the precise positioning of its fork. In addition to the exact angling and alignment, the VNP15 can also offer contactless detection systems for when the fork is in just the right proximity of each and every load it moves.

12. Recording options

To give you the clearest possible picture of the ongoing operations in your warehouse, the VNP15 includes an option for inbuilt digital recording. All to keep you fully abreast and informed as to the quality of your automated operations.

13. Clear controls

Although the VNP15 does not have a driver’s seat, controls have been installed for the rare occasions where direct manual input will be needed. A high-quality screen fitted with five interface controls will let you manage any and all circumstances where direct intervention is necessary.

14. Pallet positioning

To provide exact positioning in the deployment of your pallets, the VNP15 uses carefully calibrated contact detection systems. These detect the precise positioning of pallets and allow our robots to serve your warehouse’s specific requirements to the rigorous standards you would naturally expect.

15. Superior safety

With a suite of sensors ranging from LIDAR to ultrasonic pulses, alongside bumper warning detectors and the old fashioned emergency stop button, the VNP15 comes with everything your business could possibly need to keep your workforce safe and secure.

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Learn more here about the full range of abilities and technical specifications of the VNP15. If you’d like to witness it for yourself, visit Europe’s first flexible robotics demonstration centre. Take a tour, speak to our team of experts, and find out why the next generation of forklift technology will regard the driver’s seat as a distant memory.

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