03 Jan 2023

Boughey Distribution Go Paperless With ePOD Solution

Boughey Distribution Go Paperless With ePOD Solution

As one of the UK’s leading logistics providers to the food industry, Boughey Distribution pride themselves on delivering the best possible service to many major retailers. One important part of this service is being able to track goods efficiently throughout the delivery process, something that Boughey Distribution were previously managing using an inefficient paper-based system.

After speaking with their Barcode-IT Account Manager, Jonathan Pressley, about ways to digitise their proof of delivery (POD) system, Boughey Distribution were presented with a number of applications capable of running on a PDA style data capture device and integrating directly with SAP to update deliveries in real-time. Barcode-IT pride themselves on partnering with a number of SAP logistics application developers, to ensure that customers are always offered a range of solutions from which they can select a best fit option for their business and pair it with the latest in barcode data capture hardware.

Since going live with the first phase of the project, Boughey have seen numerous benefits, both to the business and the environment.

“The environmental impact of moving to an ePOD solution is staggering! When the roll out is complete, we should see a saving of between 750,000 and 1,000,000 sheets of paper each year - the equivalent of 31-41 trees!” says Neil Trotter, Transport Operations Director at Boughey.

Time saved from the elimination of processing paperwork into the system and correcting associated errors, will free up the admin workload by around 100 hours per week, allowing these resources to be deployed elsewhere within the business.

Invoices are now automatically triggered on delivery in real-time, removing delays and missed invoicing in the case that paperwork is lost. Customers receive their POD instantly via e-mail, including the captured signature, improving customer experience.

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