10 Sep 2019

How are Carpets & Soft Starters related?

How are Carpets & Soft Starters related?
One of the world's largest carpet manufacturers utilises Motortronics UK's VMX-synergy soft starter to solve a problem child application

A carpet manufacturer based in the Carpet Capital of the World had a 50HP blower which was currently being started using an across the line starter. This was causing major issues within the site due to a very high starting current.


High starting currents associated with across the line starting systems can cause a number of problems with electrical and mechanical components of the given system.

Electrical effects of high starting currents can include:

• Brown-Outs

• Increased Peak Demand charges from the utility

• Damage to electrical components


The mechanical effects can also include:

• Breakages of: Belts, Pulleys and Gear Boxes

• Unscheduled downtime leading loss of production


The solution to the above problems for fixed speed applications is to utilise a soft starter. This will reduce and eliminate the negative issues detailed above. The manufacturer had utilised some soft starting products in the past. Four different manufacturers were tried but problems were found. Of all the models that were tried none lasted longer thn three months before failing.  


The company were approached by Motortronics UK.  They were persuaded to try VMX-synergy to see whether it could last longer whilst giving the added benefit of an innovative product. 


The VMX-synergy unit was installed on the 50HP blower in August 2013 and has been running for 6 years without any problems at all.


The manufacturer is now gaining all the benefits of a top of the range soft starting system.  In addition to this, they are receiving the added benefit of some energy savings using the VMX-synergy's iERS system.


VMX-synergy is now the first choice soft starting system for this manufacturer and is also being utilised for other factories.

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