Celebrating 41 Years of Excellence

SSG Insight (EMEA) Limited Stand: 4-K42
Celebrating 41 Years of Excellence

As we celebrate our 40th business anniversary, we're thrilled to reflect on four decades of innovation and excellence in the maintenance and asset management industry. 

SSG Insight was founded in 1983 with a clear vision to revolutionise how organisations manage their asset maintenance by blending human expertise with cutting-edge technology. We remain a privately owner, family-run business, with our Group CEO, Michael Edwards, and Account Manager, Alexandra Hirst, have been integral to our journey since its inception, carrying on the legacy established by their fathers.

At the heart of our operations lies our maintenance and asset management software, which has empowered businesses worldwide to achieve their desired goals. With offices spanning the globe—from the UK to Australia, Canada to Poland—our expert team has a wealth of expertise and knowledge, helping clients to increase operational efficiencies, improve cost control, reduce downtime, and much more. Over the last 41 years, we've had the privilege of partnering with businesses across diverse industries, witnessing firsthand the transformative impact of our Agility solution. From substantial cost savings to enhanced asset reliability, our customers' success stories emphasise the value we bring to their operations.

As we celebrate this milestone, our commitment to our core values—curiosity, dependability, tenacity, and connectivity—remains unwavering. Beyond implementation, our dedicated teams are here to support your Agility journey, offering expert guidance, in-house training, and friendly customer support. More information about our aftersales care can be found on our website, or get in touch at if you have any queries.

We are continually monitoring advancements in the latest technologies, and are dedicated to empowering organisations to thrive in today’s ever-changing landscape. We appreciate the support from each of our customers and partners and look forward to continuing to work in partnership with these organisations for the next 41 years and beyond.

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